A flyer

A flyer is a piece of a printed or a digital material, which is specially designed to inform about some kind of an event. In the case of the electronic music scene, flyers have often been used in order to promote various parties. In electronic music culture in Latvia in a period of time from the 90s to 00s sometimes they were the only kind of promotion for such events. As in any other form of a subculture, flyers for electronic music events can be described as unique pieces of art, which were made by graphic designers of that period. Flyers were distributed from hand to hand – by organisers of events, club owners, and DJs to their friends and friends of friends. This allowed establishing a kind of a preliminary face-control for the evens. The size of a print run also allowed to limit the number of visitors in case the event’s venue was small. On the other hand, at the entrance to a club flyers usually played the role of a discount coupon, letting their presenter pay a smaller entrance fee. For some events, e.g. afterparties, flyers could serve as the only entrance “ticket”. By the end of the 00s, the rapid development of social media forced to substitute printed flyers by digital invitations to events. Flyer Collection Book archive focuses on the printed flyers, which were designed and distributed between the 90s and 00s.