Dedicated to Edgars Skulte, my first real life teacher, who advised me in the beginning of my long way of doing and realising own projects.

This project would not be possible without a help, support, advice, and assistance provided by Mila Milkmilk, Didzis Staris, Julia von Friedrichshain, Da White, Aleksandr Zapol, Dj AG, Bogdan Taran, Native, BioTom, Alex Vetrov, Arno Skipars, Gosh Snobo, Andrei Oid, Mlada Olga Lepsi, Dmitry Zagga, Jurga, Heincha, Toms Linins, Kone, Polya, Walter Werner, Kirils Kirasirovs, Vera Obmana, Ksenia Kamikaza, and many others, who helped to collect flyers, answer questions, and showed me the right path.. to be cont..